Products : Paper Cores


Spirally Wound Paper Cores & Tubes will mistake you to be wood
or metal core because of its unique strength.

Paper Tubes & Cores find use in Glass Fibre, Paper Mills,
Bopp Tapes, Textiles, Leather cloth, Poly Film, Aluminium Foil

Manufactured in various sizes & combinations maintaining high
standards of quality control, our cores are the best wrap around
to various industries of the country.

Product Customization

1. Diameter : 20mm to 256mm
2. Length : 50mm to 2m
3. Thickness : 0.5mm to 15mm
4. External / Internal Surface:
- Printed Paper
- Polycoated Kraft Paper
- Maplitho Paper
- Coloured Parchment Paper

Core Collasing Strength Testing Facility available.