Products : Composite Containers

A versatile and unique Kraft Paper product, Composite Containers
are attractive, functional & very economical. They are extremly
versatile in meeting today's packaging requirements.

An eco-friendly product, it can be designed as per the customer's
requirements. It can pack bottles, confectionery, powders,
salt-n-spices, machinery parts, medicines and dry thing under
the sun.

The Composite Containers are cylindrical and manufactured
spirally using Paper Board and Tin, Plastic or Paper for Lids.
They can be customised based on the packaging requirements
in terms of sizes, variety of lids & labelling options. They provide
a longer shelf life and pilfer or tamper proof features alongside
their low-weight, high strength and stackability.

Product Customization:

1. Diameter : 30mm to 154mm
2. Length : 100mm to 2m
3. Lids : Tin, Plastic or Paper, both openable & fixed,
Sprinkler type or telescopic.
4. Thickness : 1mm to 6mm with capacities to pack 50gms to 20kgs